What We Do

Oxavi Group is involved in multiple industries including: marketing, construction, software development, real estate, web development, investment management, film production and private research in education and health sectors. Below we have listed our top 3 companies:

    Oxavi Properties

    We build, sell and rent apartments, office buildings and residential homes. Our main focus with Oxavi Properties is to make sure we manage our real estate efficiently, progressively with customer service being our most important quality.

    Oxavi Media

    With Oxavi Media we focus on web development, mobile app development, online marketing and web hosting. We also promote and invest in film production by reaching out to the youth and helping them access much needed capital.

    Oxavi Research

    At Oxavi Research, our goal is to use the latest technology to further our vision of a United Africa. One nation with one identity. To do this we fund private research into biochemistry, agriculture, robotics, nano tech, health & data analysis.

Our Story

Oxavi Group has a long-established reputation for integrity, professionalism and innovation, setting standards for operational excellence wherever we do business. We pride ourselves on being original and forward looking qualities that have guided our operations since our company was founded in 2003. Oxavi Group is a highly diversified global group. Many of our core businesses can be found in Africa, where traditionally Oxavi Group's operations have centered on Malawi and South Africa. Oxavi Group is headquartered in the Malawi and we have our 3 main branches in the United States, South Africa and Kenya. Our headquarters in Malawi is responsible for formulating and directing overall group strategy and providing a range of services including recruitment, employment and training of staff for the group and its subsidiaries.

Oxavi Group Executives

Wisdom Mayuni Jr
Founder, CEO & Chairman
Towera Kamkondo
CFO, Africa Operations
Wali Kamkondo
COO, U.S Operations

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